Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Play a Car Race in Excel 2000

In the IT era that we live today, developers sometimes put in interesting functionality in the software they make.There are many such across the software that you use.One of them is in excel.You would need Excel 2000 for this.

But you access this from an Excel workbook saved as an interactive web page. If you have excel 2000 there are good chances that other two are also present. Just give it a try.


1. Open a new Excel workbook.
2. Select File * Save as Web Page
3. In the Save As dialog, select 'Publish Sheet' and 'Add Interactivity'
4. Save to an htm file on your hard drive (any file name).
5. Open the htm file with Internet Explorer.
6. Scroll to the cell WC2000 and then scroll the sheet such that cell "WC2000" is the first cell on the left. Now Highlight the entire row by clicking on the row number of the left edge.
7. Press Crtl+Alt+Shift and click the Office logo in the upper-left corner.
8. Your screen will be transformed into an auto racing game, with developer credits visible on the roadway.


* Use the following keys for the game:
* Arrow keys: to steer and accelerate
* Space bar: To fire at other cars
* O: To drop oil slicks
* H: To turn on/off your headlights (toggle switch).
* Have fun, happy racing...
* This probably works in Excel 2000, but it can't be assured that this will work in other versions of Excel.

Things You'll Need

* Excel 2000
* Microsoft Web components
* DirectX


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